Sleep Apnea: Is It a Big Deal?

Tough routine makes you tired and hence you want to stay healthy. Staying healthy needs rest and rest is accompanied by the sound sleep. If you have a good sleep everyday definitely it will make you feel relax, healthy, strong immunity and good metabolism. Sleep is what everyone needs. Human body is a mechanism that works well when rested to an ample amount as it is required. Too much sleep is also dangerous and bad for the health.

There are people who work hard but unable to sleep properly as they needed end up with Sleep apnea. Most of the people in the world are unaware with the fact that they are suffering from this disorder and takes snoring as normal thing. More than 450,000 people in the world die because of sleep apnea per year.


If these much people are dying per year and estimated 12 million dying in US only, definitely it is a serious matter to be concerned. There is a must proper treatment and remedies must be follow to delete these deadly unknown bacteria that is poisoning out life silently.

Let’s discuss what sleep apnea is?

Symptoms that must be focused:

Among various alarming signs of sleep apnea, the one main prominent figure is snoring. A person who does snoring sometimes gives the reason of block sinuses, where your body is exerting more efforts while it has to take rest. The sleep apnea occurs when you throat muscles starts contracting while blocking the air passage for oxygen. This causes your heart to work more than the usual routine and may be unable to transport the oxygen to brain. That is why when you get up, you get up dizzy, with a headache, and your body is tired.

Attention span gets lower:

While at night your body was working hard and wasn’t able to rest the way it has to, obviously you will feel sick and tired. At that time you are not able to give the required attention to your work and family as desired. Plus you will be using more time in the execution of daily tasks that needs less time.

Obesity issue, high blood pressure and diabetes problems:

Health is wealth we all know, but ignoring the health while being naïve about the issues doesn’t take you anywhere regardless to the hospital. Sleep apnea causes all health risk problems like a person starts getting obese due to lack of energy, the mobility is lost. High blood pressure and diabetes are the results of obesity and lack of mobility.

Change the way of life

In order to avoid this deadly health risk issue there are few safety precautions we must follow. Changing lifestyle sometimes is more helpful than taking medicines.

Elimination of Alcohol in daily routine:

Mainly the sleep apnea is related to snoring and you need to adapt such habit that helps you stop snoring. If you are habitual of taking alcohol, than you must avoid it because it makes you throat muscles to work more that increases snoring.

Weight Loss is remedy of most of the diseases:

Overweight person has many problems. If you are going to reduce your weight, you are not going to avoid sleep apnea; you will also eliminate diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol problems and much more.

Sleeping positions:

Some people are habitual of sleeping straight and snoring a lot. If you start sleeping side wise, definitely you would be snoring less. Sleeping side wise is a great remedy to reduce sleep apnea.

Rest if the problem persists in your life, you must have to consult the physician for further assistance related to sleep apnea.


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